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Bridging the East and West

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Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.

C.S. Lewis

Welcome to Aloha EOS! We are committed to the EOSIO blockchain protocol that enables the development of commercial-scale decentralized applications. We promote the community tenets of integrity, transparency, benefit to the community, and the overall success of EOS and EOSIO. Our unique geographic location helps to diversify block production networks as we help bridge the East and West.

At Aloha EOS, we aim to have among the highest level of security and performance as a block producer. Additionally, we will strive to maximize stability and uptime. Finally, we intend to provide measurable value back to the community – both for the Hawaii populace and the EOS community at large.


Nate is a long time entrepreneur with both a broad and deep technical background. He brings over 20 years of experience in development and systems engineering, with a focus on scalability and security. As an entrepreneur he founded or cofounded numerous companies and has the experience to wear many different hats. He has also been a cryptocurrency and blockchain enthusiast since early 2010.

Patrick has 23 years experience and proven success working in diverse environments within both private and public sectors of information technology. He is experienced in managing IT services across multiple facilities and has developed efficient and reliable technology infrastructures with scalable solutions to allow businesses to meet current and future needs. All of this puts Patrick in a prime position to leverage his experience to build and maintain a highly performant, stable, and secure EOSIO infrastructure.


The EOSIO platform depends on low latency and high throughput for the best possible dApp experience. We focus on this by benchmarking and deploying top performing hardware to minimize latency and maximize throughput. We also continuously monitor and trend our performance to identify potential bottlenecks and increase capacity before it happens.


We believe block producer security is critical to the success of the EOSIO platform. We have a deep understanding of security, and we apply best practices when it comes to prevention, detection, and risk mitigation. Additionally, we plan to rely on third parties for regular audits, and we will publish those results publicly.


It is the job of block producers to maintain a reliable EOS network that users and dApps can depend on. We strive for highly available fault-tolerant systems in order to withstand outages and maximize uptime. Also, updates and changes to our system go through a stringent management process to ensure they are adequately reviewed and tested before being deployed.


We support and operate infrastructure on the following networks.


The original EOSIO network from the vision of Dan Larimer and Block.one, launched by the EOS community (including us) in June 2018.

Worldwide Asset eXchange

The Worldwide Asset eXchange (WAX) is focused on the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell and trade virtual items.


The Foundation for Interwallet Operability (FIO) protocol makes it easier and less risky to use many different tokens and coins across networks.

Community Support

We invest a portion of our revenue to fund our own decentralized app (dApp) and tool development, as well as community education and advocacy that will promote EOSIO and assist the community at large. We will do this as transparently as possible and will announce our projects on our site.

We measure success in how the community benefits, not the individual. Doing these activities will increase the value of the EOSIO ecosystem, which will create a self-sustaining uplift for the community as a whole.


Aloha EOS has and will continue to sponsor expos, meetups, and other events that promote EOS and EOSIO. We believe marketing to developers and users outside our community is key to success.


Businesses or projects that Aloha EOS collaborates with.