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Block Producer Benchmarks

The following charts show the execution time (lower is better) of custom EOSIO contracts run by each block producer.*
The data is from the EOS Mechanics research group, and is explained in detail on GitHub.
For an ongoing discussion about EOS and EOSIO performance join the EOS Mechanics Telegram.


Select a BP in the legend to toggle, or toggle all.  Highlight a section of the chart to zoom in.

CPU Box Plot

* EOSIO Token holders should not rely on EOS Mechanics benchmark results as an absolute indication of block producers’ performance. Results are mainly intended for operators of the EOSIO infrastructure to have additional metrics that can aid them in testing different infrastructures, configurations and features while identifying performance differences and potential bottlenecks. These statistics are not subject to verification by other nodes on the network; therefore it is possible for block producers to manipulate them. Furthermore, running custom software or configurations may impact the measurement of these metrics.