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EOS Tools and Info

Below are research and development tools we have built to assist the EOS community.

Block Producer Research Portal

Research which block producer candidates to vote for. View data and links for each candidate, such as website, social channels, and node locations. Sort candidates by rank, unique votes, or even randomly.

Vote Proxy Research Portal

Not sure which block producers to vote for and would rather let someone else make an informed decision for you? Here you can research active vote proxies and which block producers they are voting for.

Block Producer Benchmarks

View charts showing block producer performance metrics like CPU and RAM. These benchmarks assist block producers with trend data that lets them tune for the best possible EOS network performance.

Register Proxy Info

This is an on-chain EOS contract (or dApp) that allows EOS proxy accounts to register additional information about themselves, such as name and website. We wrote this to assist with EOS proxy promotion and research, and it has since become the standard.

EOS Testnets

We maintain infrastructure on multiple EOS testnets to assist developers with building and testing apps. We also utilize these testnets to test new EOSIO versions and features before they go to mainnet.