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Beanz Community Proxy

Voting For 30 While You Vote For One

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 98
Proxied EOS: 1,258
Total EOS: 1,356
Total EOS Decay: 264
Total EOS Decay Percent: 19.45%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 3

Voting Philosophy

Votes for block producers decay with time, and so they need to regularly be updated. That means you need to refresh your vote for your proxy in order for it to work for you. As your proxy, I can be contacted to recommend a block producer you'd like me to vote for on your behalf, so that you don't need to refresh your 30 votes, you only have to refresh one.


I'm known as @beanz on and have hosted the VOTU podcast discussing blockchain technology and the politics surrounding the world of cryptocurrency. I'm an advocate for scalable blockchains and educating the world on using it so that we can improve adoptability, to making education unnecessary.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
57 AcroEOS KR  
599 bp2bp2bp2bp2 PR  
121 DutchEOS NL  
23 EOS Asia KY  
36 EOS Cafe Block CA  
92 EOS Costa Rica CR  
103 EOS PH PH  
95 EOS Venezuela VE  
107 EOS VietNam VN  
229 eosarmyioant
100 eosBarcelona ES  
203 eosbepalsafe
66 eosDublin IE  
161 eosgalaxybp1
108 eosgermanybp
159 eoslawyereos
151 eoslithuania
58 EOSNairobi KE  
165 eosninetiess
109 eosonoeosono
144 eosteaeostea
88 eosthushuimu
77 EOSTribe DE  
90 EOSVibes FR  
182 eosvillagebp
31 GenerEOS AU  
43 hkeos HK  
595 saltblockeos US  
87 sheleaders21
70 shEOS ES  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
therealbeanz 1,251.3382 240 19.21%
g4ztgnigenes 5.0001 3 66.03%
rubellitefae 1.6380 1 66.03%