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Charity Alfa Community Proxy

Let’s build a profitable charity community together!

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 0
Proxied EOS: 1,259
Total EOS: 1,259
Total EOS Decay: 0
Total EOS Decay Percent: 0.03%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 3

Voting Philosophy

We want to build an investment and charitable community, so we want to offer all of our voters a CRG token that you can use in our daps for profit or charity. The Charity Alfa ecosystem is a blockchain-based system that once includes charity and the opportunity to make a profit. Our system includes the Chariy Market, Charity Swap, Charity Mining (MICH), Fundraising dApp, and Blockchain based voting system. Our goal is to always expand our system to take into account the potential of the latest defi technologies, but never miss charitable offerings either. With the proxy we want to give to the community that follows it all, therefore 80% of the reward belongs to the community.


We have created a Donation application where you can start donation raising on a smartcontract basis and the reward of the donation is a token issued . (CRG) (charityalfa2) We have created a miner contract (and token, MICH) that also generates donations for a charity fund. (mine2charity, mine4charity) (mining rules will be updated soon, moving from CPU transaction mining to staking mining.) We’ve created a dapp called Charity Market where our token owners can sell their tokens in conjunction with charitable offerings. (charityalfa3) Our latest development is a Charity Swap system (charityalfa2, xcrgalfapool) where two tokens (CRG and MICH) are currently being exchanged. CRG and MICH token holders can provide liquidity to the platform in exchange for receiving a portion of the exchange commission. The other part of the conversion commission is for charitable purposes.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
3 AtticLab UA  
21 BigONE CN  
24 Binance KY  
4 Bitfinex VG  
15 Blockpool CN  
48 CryptoLions🦁 UA  
38 DeFis Network SG  
10 EOS Asia KY  
30 EOS Authority GB  
2 EOS Nation CA  
22 EOS Rapid US  
8 EOSCannon CN  
12 EOSeoul KR  
18 EOSflytoMARS CN  
7 EOSHuobiPool CN  
19 eosiosg11111 SG  
20 EOSLaoMao JP  
25 GenerEOS AU  
13 hashfin SG  
9 HelloEOS CN  
40 SG  
16 Infinity Stones US  
5 Newdex KY  
6 OKEx Pool CN  
11 Starteos CN  
26 Sw/eden🌿 SE  
14 SG  
1 zb eos CN  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
gaborkeosdev 850.2508 0 0.00%
hoodinifund1 408.3095 0 0.00%
omeraydin333 0.0710 0 7.69%