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Charity Rewards Proxy

Share your rewards with charities and selected block producers!

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 120
Proxied EOS: 59,190
Total EOS: 59,310
Total EOS Decay: 956
Total EOS Decay Percent: 1.61%
Candidate Votes: 7
Proxied Accounts: 21

Voting Philosophy

We vote for those BPs who are out there helping, in their own way, make the world a better place and who make a difference to the lives of the EOS community and beyond, whether it be through tech advancements and tools, community based initiatives or charitable activities.

The minimal technical requirement for our BPs is to maintain publicly accessible infrastructure for the EOS mainnet.

We also take the donation amounts (set on by a BP) into account, as higher BP donations increase the payout to our voters and selected charities.

Join our Telegram group for suggestions and join in on the discussions.


A rewards proxy which also gives to charities and charitable projects. 60% of all funds go to our voters, 20% to charities, 2% fixed service fee and 18% go to our selected BPs. Send a memo to 'charityproxy' with suggestions for charities to donate to and BPs to vote for. Or just join our social media channels.

In a world of bits and bytes itโ€™s easy to lose sight of what this tech is for: people, us, the community. How do we contribute through our actions to help make the world be a better place? Can an individual really make a difference? We believe YES! that's why we created this proxy. We give 20% of rewards to charities while supporting those Block Producers who make a substantial difference in the world.

GenerEOS is an Australian based Block Producer with team members from all around the world. We created the first web wallet and the voter rewards platform

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
38 Aloha EOS US  
18 AtticLab UA  
2 EOS Nation CA  
42 EOS Rio ๐Ÿ’™ BR  
41 eosDAC GB  
49 EOSphere AU  
31 GenerEOS AU  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
gmydcmrxgene 13,011.5855 0 0.00%
guzdgnbxgage 11,100.6332 147 1.32%
midnightexpr 7,888.2696 0 0.00%
luojianming1 6,717.7462 0 0.00%
fawetrusteos 6,040.0026 464 7.69%
gy3tsnbzguge 5,474.3056 72 1.32%
analogpeople 2,136.8675 56 2.63%
gy3tsnrygage 1,911.4513 25 1.32%
g44tonbvgage 1,146.7496 15 1.32%
earthshaking 942.5284 12 1.32%
genereosdisb 835.0000 104 12.48%
sanwashokai2 623.6025 8 1.32%
ieos4tianium 356.0001 5 1.32%
heydcmbrgige 345.8800 14 3.92%
johnatboid11 334.2136 17 5.19%
hazdanbzguge 226.3270 3 1.32%
undertow.e 46.8434 1 2.63%
undertow1234 25.7084 1 5.19%
letsgo4asurf 21.3000 8 37.28%
eos4dinner11 5.2002 2 36.44%
technoeosede 0.2003 0 5.19%