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❤️🌏🚀 EOS Israel Proxy 🚀🌏❤️

Showing Love ❤️ to the BP's that Give ❤️ Back the MOST!

Account EOS: 2
Proxied EOS: 707
Total EOS: 709
Total EOS Decay: 18
Total EOS Decay Percent: 2.57%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 7

Voting Philosophy

We Love our Block Producers, especially the ones that give back the most to the EOS Community. We select our favorite BP's based on: Honesty, Transparency, Education, Community Engagement, Tools and DAPP Development, Event Sponsorship, Geographic Distribution, Technical Skills within the Team, and last but not least: Their long term commitment to the growth and improvement of the EOS Ecosystem as a Whole.


We are EOS Israel, an Independent EOS Community based in Israel but committed to server the global EOS Community. We are a small country and therefore a small community, but within our members you will find seasoned entrepreneurs, successful angel investors, and top-class developers. We are not afraid to discuss any subject and are open to free dialog and dealing with the hard subjects that need to be dealt with in order for EOS to become the number one Blockchain Platform in the world. This proxy is being managed by Hernan Arber in coordination with the EOS Israel community.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
94 Aurora EOS US  
38 CryptoLions UA  
24 Cypherglass US  
40 EOS Argentina AR  
33 EOS Asia HK  
19 EOS Authority GB  
73 EOS BlockSmith US  
34 EOS Cafe Block CA  
18 EOS Canada CA  
92 EOS Costa Rica CR  
58 EOS Gravity SG  
20 EOS Nation CA  
12 EOS New York CK  
21 EOS Rio BR  
81 EOS Venezuela VE  
15 EOS42 GB  
14 EOSCannon CN  
23 eosDAC GB  
64 eosDublin IE  
37 eosfishrocks BZ  
71 EOSNairobi KE  
65 EOSphere AU  
62 GenerEOS AU  
28 Greymass CA  
35 LibertyBlock CA  
9 LiquidEOS IL  
60 shEOS ES  
22 Sw/eden SE  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
g42dgmzugene 552 0 0.00%
hezdomrsgmge 77 12 15.91%
eoshernaneos 50 2 3.92%
eosdaytrader 20 3 14.78%
gyytoobyhage 3 0 14.78%
gyytoobzgege 3 0 14.78%
gu3tmobzgqge 2 0 14.78%