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EOS Mainnet
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Total EOS Decay Percent: 100.00%
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Voting Philosophy

Delegated Proof of Stake is only as secure as the technical excellence and trustworthiness of the elected block producers who secure it. I vote for BPs who understand this and who provide value to the EOS ecosystem through innovation, education, and helping build the tools the world needs to advance forward and improve. I believe all human interactions should be voluntary and monopolies on violence and currency creation within geographic regions will become archaic relics of our past. Our circle of empathy is expanding towards cooperation and abundance. Technologies like EOS empower us all to function as efficient peer networks instead of dominating hierarchies. Non-violent communication, education, and blockchain consensus can help the right BPs secure and protect this collaborative commons. Entrepreneurship, specialization, economic freedom, and mutually beneficial exchange of value will increase prosperity for us all if EOS is run by the right block producers.


With the leading blockchain, sidechain, dapp, and contract developing ability, EOSpace is committed to be the best BP. EOSpace set up and maintain dozens of communities of EOS. We have built a distributed blockchain lab, including related business like traffic center, news center, overseas operation, investment banking service, project center and exchange center(Australia, Singapore, Korea) etc. We hope to continue to contribute to the EOS ecosystem.

Candidate Votes

This proxy is not voting for any block producer candidates.

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