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A "Smart Proxy" supporting a dynamic list of block producers.

Account EOS: 4
Proxied EOS: 13,106
Total EOS: 13,110
Total EOS Decay: 0
Total EOS Decay Percent: 0.00%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 2

Voting Philosophy

The goal of proxy is to provide dynamic support for block producers that are important to sustaining a strong, healthy and growing EOSIO ecosystem.


The proxy is the first smart proxy that utilizes smart-contract technology to take into account real-time producer ranking data, a complete list of supported block producers (exceeding 30), assigned importance values to each producer, and a configurable interval to cast recurring votes on a dynamic set of 30 block producers based on realtime rankings.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
49 Aloha EOS US  
113 BitSpace NO  
84 Block Matrix GB  
37 CryptoLions UA  
26 Cypherglass US  
22 EOS Argentina AR  
35 EOS Asia HK  
21 EOS Authority GB  
69 EOS BlockSmith US  
30 EOS Cafe Block CA  
25 EOS Canada CA  
100 EOS Costa Rica CR  
61 EOS Gravity SG  
23 EOS Nation CA  
18 EOS Rio 💙 BR  
31 EOS Titan BG  
10 EOSCannon CN  
29 eosDAC GB  
68 EOSDetroit US  
60 eosDublin IE  
67 EOSphere AU  
43 EOSTribe US  
65 GenerEOS AU  
33 Greymass CA  
54 hkeos HK  
39 LibertyBlock CA  
59 shEOS ES  
16 Sw/eden🌿 SE  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
gi3dkmrsguge 13,103 0 0.00%
ryuyuhoeos12 2 0 0.00%