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Make EOS be the distributor and the carrier of human values!

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Voting Philosophy

Our vision is to make EOS carry the omnidirectional distribution and circulation of human values and our mission is to translate our knowledge and skills into a positive and active platform while contributing to the whole EOS community.


EOSBIXIN is a group of the earliest Bitcoin investors, evangelists and code contributors and is formed group led by former Bixin COO "Chaojijun" Guanggeng Wu. At the very beginning we have listed EOS in Bixin wallet, enabled EOS OTC platform, and launched Bishop which functions like e-commerce with EOS payment, we are dedicating to put EOS in practical use. We have held many meetups in different cities and countries before the mainnet launch, such as in Thailand, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, etc. Till now, we keep summarizing and submitting the EOS mainnet weekly report to the community and users. We have developed high available Public endpoints for public and wallets & exchange, KylinDApp Open Platform Specification, and EOS MainnetStatue Monitoring Channel

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This proxy is not voting for any block producer candidates.

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