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Maxing the # of "paid" BP! (0.5% Vote)

let the minnows swim together and school the "Dorks".

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 0
Proxied EOS: 131
Total EOS: 131
Total EOS Decay: 102
Total EOS Decay Percent: 77.84%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 5

Voting Philosophy

Maximizing the number of "paid" block producers! (0.5%) Minnow Proxy(s) is a place for EOS guppies to school together and get our voice heard. We are not concerned with voting for the TOP 21 Witness/Block-Producers,,,,, NO! Our goal is to get as many small Block-Producers into a paid position as possible (more than a 0.5% vote). For the safety of the EOS Network, it is advantages to have as many paid BP's as possible,,, that way many systems are maintained to a high level so that any emergency with the TOP 21 can easily be adapted to on the fly. With just a few thousands of EOS tokens delegating their VOTES to Minnow Proxy(s) will start moving BP's into paid positions. The WHALES and SHARKS have their positions secured in the TOP 21. Us minnows need to be looking out for "the little guy" producers. SCHOOL THE SHARKS!!!


WE ARE NOT AND WILL NEVER BE A WITNESS/BLOCK-PRODUCER - We will update vote every Monday. Website coming soon to make your voices heard!

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
634 acroeos12345 KR  
623 auroraeoscom US  
630 blockmatrix1 GB  
234 btccpooleos1
128 dapppub.bp SG  
82 EOS BlockSmith PA  
69 EOS Costa Rica CR  
52 EOS Detroit US  
113 EOS PH PH  
89 EOS UK GB  
86 EOS Venezuela VE  
121 eoscandyone1
168 eoschaintech
32 US  
626 eosmedinodes ES  
628 eosmetaliobp
132 eosmotioneos
74 eosnairobike KE  
103 eosonoeosono
618 eosplayworld
619 eosuestciobp
632 eosvibesbloc FR  
137 eoswenzhoubp
127 eoswinwinwin
63 geosoneforbp
105 jrrcryptoeos
97 MinerGate NL  
33 nodeONE☝️ KR  
169 qxeosqxeosbp
140 sheleaders21

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
gy2tgojsgqge 58.5517 45 76.30%
gy2tgobxgage 25.6000 21 80.33%
gy2teobvgyge 25.2000 20 78.41%
gy2timbthage 15.3000 12 80.33%
gy2tgojvgqge 6.0000 4 72.19%