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Elevating EOS: Empowering Growth, Embracing Innovation.

EOS Mainnet
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Proxied EOS: 0
Total EOS: 0
Total EOS Decay: 0
Total EOS Decay Percent: 0.00%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 1

Voting Philosophy

Our philosophy is centered around the advancement of the EOS network, making it appealing to both investors and users, and popularizing the EOS ecosystem. We believe in fostering a thriving and sustainable EOS community that is built on transparency, innovation, and inclusivity. Through strategic partnerships, education, and promotion, we are committed to nurturing growth and adoption of the EOS network. Our mission is to create an environment where creativity, security, and decentralization flourish, empowering individuals to participate in and contribute to the EOS ecosystem. By prioritizing integrity and progress, we aim to position EOS as a leading choice for blockchain enthusiasts and entrepreneurs alike. Together, we are dedicated to shaping a dynamic and resilient EOS network that enriches the digital landscape and propels blockchain technology forward.


Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
31 Aloha EOS US  
3 JP  
17 binancestake KY  
34 bitfinexeos1
22 blockpooleos
15 bp.defi JP  
28 CryptoLions🦁 UA  
20 Detroit Ledger... US  
21 EOS Asia KY  
32 EOS Authority GB  
18 EOS Nation CA  
26 EOS Rio 💙 BR  
23 EOS Support US  
10 EOS Titan BG  
19 eoscannonchn KY  
2 EOSeoul KR  
7 eosflytomars JP  
5 eosinfstones
24 eoslambdacom
9 eoslaomaocom
14 EOSphere AU  
1 GenerEOS AU  
12 Greymass CA  
8 hashfin SG  
27 moreisfuture CN  
11 Newdex KY  
25 slowmistiobp
6 starteosiobp CN  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
kairuskai333 0.0002 0 8.91%