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Pragma Voting

Turning intent into structured action

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 20
Proxied EOS: 47,627
Total EOS: 47,647
Total EOS Decay: 5,661
Total EOS Decay Percent: 11.88%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 10

Voting Philosophy

EOS is a complex ecosystem and the current state of block producers reflects the relatively young age of the blockchain. We feel that many BPs are overlooking the wide range of challenges that will inevitably rise up as the network gains mass adoption. Our intent is to favor BPs that will focus on a bare metal infrastructure along with the technical personnel required to operate it. BPs that are detrimental to the network due to unaddressed performance problems won't be considered in our voting pool. Other concerns include geographical spread, transparency, exchange voting cartels, government censorship. Ultimately, our goal is to solidify EOS's position as a mean to secure life, liberty, and property.


Pragma Voting's members are experienced software developers, network experts, and computer security specialists. We are all EOS enthusiasts and are determined to contribute to the success of this impressive project by continually learning and adjusting our methods accordingly.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
52 AcroEOS KR  
41 Aloha EOS US  
83 Block Matrix GB  
62 CryptoLions UA  
42 Cypherglass US  
37 EOS Argentina AR  
17 EOS Asia KY  
38 EOS Authority GB  
25 EOS Beijing CN  
33 EOS Cafe Block CA  
34 EOS Canada CA  
24 EOS Nation CA  
47 EOS Rio 💙 BR  
57 EOS Titan BG  
40 EOS42 KY  
71 EOSAmsterdam NL  
87 eosbixinboot
108 eosgenblockp IS  
5 EOSLaoMao JP  
599 eosliquideos IL  
84 EOSTribe DE  
80 EOSVibes FR  
50 Greymass CA  
72 LibertyBlock CA  
85 OracleChain CN  
73 shEOS ES  
32 Sw/eden🌿 SE  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
cabotalfonse 18,000 2,661 14.78%
moussecanada 10,800 1,596 14.78%
geytinzwgmge 10,032 133 1.32%
tombradyring 7,391 1,092 14.78%
gq2tcmzzgqge 1,161 172 14.78%
ha4dcnbug4ge 221 3 1.32%
libertycbeos 20 3 14.78%
hearn.e 1 0 6.45%
gu4tanrqgage 1 0 45.11%
crystalhuman 0 0 36.44%