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interNATIONal Proxy

A Chosen One shall restore ultimate balance in the Force

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 2
Proxied EOS: 0
Total EOS: 2
Total EOS Decay: 2
Total EOS Decay Percent: 96.43%
Candidate Votes: 0
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EOS Nation

Voting Philosophy

Managed by one of the most internationally diverse Block Producers, the interNATIONal proxy aims to achieve balance in the EOS ecosystem. Having ears on the ground across the world, the interNATIONal proxy votes for those who bring value in a variety of ways, keeping an open mind about what constitutes value and what is needed at this time. The interNATIONal proxy is quick to react and provides a broad view of the ecosystem like only EOS Nation is able to. The interNATIONal proxy ensures that those who brought value in the past but are no longer doing so are not rewarded continuously. The landscape changes continuously and so should your votes!


EOS Nation was founded by seven self-funded individuals located across North America. EOS Nation consistently contributes time and resources across the entire EOS ecosystem, while demonstrating their commitment and technical ability by providing reliable infrastructure and spreading worldwide awareness and education. They have been active since well before the Mainnet launch and have grown a network of communities around the globe lead by over 20 local EOS Nation Ambassadors, each linked together under the common vision of spreading EOS adoption through education.

Candidate Votes

This proxy is not voting for any block producer candidates.

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