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Sonata Systems Voter Proxy

Applying rigorous research for a strong and stable EOS ecosystem

Account EOS: 7
Proxied EOS: 5,005
Total EOS: 5,012
Total EOS Decay: 0
Total EOS Decay Percent: 0.00%
Candidate Votes: 30
Proxied Accounts: 1

Voting Philosophy

Informed decision making based on empirical research, testnet and mainnet monitoring and active community participation.


Sonata Systems, Inc. provides system integration, full-stack web development and IT management consulting services. We leverage our experience and creativity to produce quality results that exceed client expectations.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
60 AcroEOS KR  
45 Aloha EOS US  
102 BitSpace NO  
40 CryptoLions UA  
27 Cypherglass US  
28 EOS Argentina AR  
11 EOS Authority GB  
54 EOS BlockSmith US  
39 EOS Cafe Block CA  
20 EOS Canada CA  
89 EOS Costa Rica CR  
7 EOS New York CK  
63 EOS NodeOne KR  
19 EOS Rio BR  
38 EOS Titan BG  
68 EOS Venezuela VE  
14 EOS42 GB  
93 eosAfrica ZA  
21 eosDAC GB  
55 EOSeoul KR  
85 EOSMetal IS  
79 EOSNairobi KE  
58 EOSphere AU  
30 EOSTribe US  
91 EOSVibes FR  
49 GenerEOS AU  
16 Greymass US  
8 LiquidEOS IL  
17 Sw/eden SE  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
gu2dmobvgige 5,005 0 0.00%