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EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 0
Proxied EOS: 85,709,684
Total EOS: 85,709,684
Total EOS Decay: 2,254,679
Total EOS Decay Percent: 2.63%
Candidate Votes: 0
Proxied Accounts: 15

Voting Philosophy believes engagement, transparency and open discussion are essential to ensuring the success of any public blockchain. We are proud to belong to an open source community that thrives on the sharing of information, as well as the advocacy, innovation and action of its individual members. As an EOS token holder, we are working to ensure maximum network security and constructive participation among network participants. As we engage with community members, our voting approach will evolve, and criteria will be added to ensure that the recipients of our votes adhere to the standards we wish to see network wide, so that we may ultimately contribute to smooth and successful network operations far into the future

Background is the global leader in high-performance blockchain software. In 2018, it published the EOSIO software, a free, open-source protocol designed to be adapted and utilized by the developer community and companies to create a secure and transparent back-end system. EOSIO is regarded as the fastest, most scalable, most active blockchain software in the world. It addresses the limitations of first-generation blockchain platforms while retaining the core benefits of the technology: security, accountability and immutability. also aims to foster a robust blockchain ecosystem through developing and supporting projects built on EOSIO. For further information, please visit and

Candidate Votes

This proxy is not voting for any block producer candidates.

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
b1 85,700,406.7995 2,254,545 2.63%
carstendmann 2,109.3001 28 1.32%
gq4dmojzgqge 1,620.2200 43 2.63%
gm2tinjwgege 1,288.9274 17 1.32%
ge3temzqhege 1,216.0025 0 0.00%
colegdropout 1,069.8175 28 2.63%
he3dmmbzgene 704.3284 0 0.00%
eosignacio24 636.3835 8 1.32%
smart1money1 200.0000 0 0.00%
gyzdsnrqgyge 176.6633 5 2.63%
cryptomaneos 120.6110 3 2.63%
maeoswallet1 60.4467 1 1.32%
cdrnetwork15 40.0000 1 1.32%
tonnoaccount 29.8912 0 1.32%
emergencyr23 4.3035 0 2.63%