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TREOS Community Proxy

Providing votes back to TREOS supporting EOSIO Block Producers

EOS Mainnet
Account EOS: 2
Proxied EOS: 53
Total EOS: 55
Total EOS Decay: 7
Total EOS Decay Percent: 12.78%
Candidate Votes: 2
Proxied Accounts: 9

Voting Philosophy

TREOS - The next generation of blockchain application development, bringing its own revenue source, reward programs and incentives to the EOSIO blockchain. Rewarding those in the TREOS community for staking their vote and supporting what is, the backbone of the EOSIO ecosystem.


TREOS is a global ecosystem based in Malta that delivers transactions with decentralised money. It plans to connect an online marketplace, a financial institution, and networks for ecommerce websites, point-of-sale devices, ATMs and remittance kiosks. Committed to developing on the EOSIO Blockchain and supporting the EOSIO community and ethos.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
62 EOSphere AU  
60 GenerEOS AU  

Proxied Accounts

EOS EOS Decay % Decay
mytreosworld 31.2204 0 1.32%
treosluv4eos 9.2560 3 31.15%
tmmarketing1 4.2000 1 28.34%
alvilmp11335 3.2000 1 29.29%
heytmnjwgqge 2.0000 1 31.15%
treosrobert1 2.0000 1 30.23%
atreosmurmur 0.7000 0 30.23%
tmmarketing2 0.2048 0 30.23%
eossunicoast 0.2000 0 30.23%