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NewZealandEOS Proxy

Looking out For the Interests of all EOS NZers

Account EOS: 202
Proxied EOS: 0
Total EOS: 202
Total EOS Decay: 32
Total EOS Decay Percent: 15.91%
Candidate Votes: 14
Proxied Accounts: 0

Voting Philosophy

EOS will revolutionise the world, NZ needs to have It's say


investment company Founder/Director and cryptocommunity meetup organiser based in Hamilton. EOS will revolutionilise the Internet/Gaming and Commerce, NZ needs a seat at the table.

Candidate Votes

Rank Name Country
98 Aurora EOS US  
9 Bitfinex VG  
37 CryptoLions UA  
26 Cypherglass US  
21 EOS Authority GB  
30 EOS Cafe Block CA  
25 EOS Canada CA  
23 EOS Nation CA  
11 EOS New York CK  
19 EOS Rio 💙 BR  
31 eosDAC GB  
33 Greymass CA  
16 Sw/eden🌿 SE  

Proxied Accounts

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